Natasia Malaihollo

CEO of Wyzerr

Natasia Malaihollo is the CEO and Programmer at Wyzerr, a startup company that builds online surveys that look and feel like games. Wyzerr is a graduate of The Brandery’s 2015 class. The company was originally based in Los Angeles, CA but now headquartered in Covington, Kentucky. Wyzerr has raised over $1.5M in funding, making Natasia only the 11th woman of color in the country to raise over $1M for a startup, a feat she doesn’t take for granted. In her spare time, Natasia volunteers as a mentor at local organizations empowering minority entrepreneurs to grow their ideas and get funding. She is passionate about underserved urban communities, art, and technology. Natasia currently serves as a Board Member of MORTAR, the West End Art Gallery, and Northern Kentucky’s Innovation Board.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Ms. Malaihollo studied law at Georgetown University Law Center, with a focus on Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology. She worked for several years as an IP specialist and trademark agent, prosecuting patent applications for companies like IBM and Samsung. She was part of the defense team in the infamous Apple vs. Samsung smartphone design patent infringement case, which she credits as the turning point in her career’s focus on more tech, less legal. Ms. Malaihollo studied Computer Science and Legal Studies at UC Berkeley. Her desire to become an attorney, however, led her to major in Legal Studies.


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