Felicia Maxwell

Founder of Fit 4 Life Wellness + Fitness

Felicia has been one of the premier health and fitness trainers in the industry.  She graduated from Grand Valley State University and Walsh College with graduate and undergraduate Finance degrees.  At 44 years young, Felicia has lost over 40 pounds over the years and has been determined, consistent and dedicated to her lifetime fitness journey since the age of 24.  At 35, she realized that she would be helping others with their self-image and worth. She would see people, hear their stories, and the desire to help others burned inside of her.  Felicia has Group Fitness, Kickboxing, Pilates, and Cycle Certifications from AFAA, and a Mental Toughness Certification from NASM. Felicia has had the honor of working with all ages and types of clientele and specializes in body sculpting, weight management, functional training, and core strengthening.  Felicia is married with two children, and is the proud owner of Live Well With Maxwell and Fit4Life Health and Fitness Center. She thoroughly enjoys teaching all disciplines, and her love for helping people and watching them transform keeps her motivated, dedicated and encouraged. She has regular speaking engagements, and is passionate about sharing the benefits and importance of health and wellness, disease prevention, clean eating and exercise, and believes that everyone can achieve joy, peace, transform their bodies and lives and have fun while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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