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Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary


Quick introduction about the summit
The Brand Camp Summit is a collision of Humans, Design,Technology and Grit to make Detroit a city for all people.   Brand Camp is a gathering of thought leaders, technologists, geeks, and creatives around a discussion on branding, entrepreneurial thinking, social media and the use of technology. The purpose of Brand Camp is to change how people build, launch, and grow ideas and use technology as personal brands, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs (employees), small businesses and corporations that change cities.


The conference partners


Why You Should Attend?


Many tasty dishes during our Food Summit highlighting Detroit food entrepreneurs from around the city.


What does it take to build a brand that matters? Why is human centered design so critical? Join the discussion.

Ask the expert

We’ll be joined by thought leaders from across the nation, including our great city. The flexible format will allow you to network as well as ask questions of our dynamic lineup.


Brand Camp University Faculty
keynote Andre Perry Fellow at the Brookings Institute
guest Dave Shing Digital Prophet at Verizon
guest Kat Holmes Director of User Experience Design at Google, Author of Mismatch
guest Marcus Collins Chief Consumer Connection Officer at Doner
keynote Hajj Flemings Founder of Rebrand Cities/Brand Camp University
keynote Marlowe Stoudamire Founder of Roster Detroit
keynote Gwen Jimmere Founder of Naturalicious
keynote Vincent Hunt Founder of Better Design Company
keynote Cynthia Respert Founder of Marie Elan
keynote Tatiana Grant Founder of Infused PR
keynote Amanda Lewan Co-Founder of Bamboo
keynote Felicia Maxwell Founder of Fit 4 Life Wellness + Fitness


Fall 2018 Classes

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Buy your ticket and register

Detroit Foundation Hotel

250 W. Larned St. Detroit, MI 48226